Lecture 2 - User training

Welcome to Lecture 2 of the Ozeki Chat Documentation. In Lecture 2, you can learn about basic tasks like registering, logging in, and deleting accounts effortlessly. Learn how to navigate Ozeki Chat from your browser, retrieve forgotten passwords, and manage account preferences with ease. Explore advanced messaging features including sending, editing, and deleting messages, as well as highlighting, quoting, and utilizing emojis for expressive communication. Discover how to share multimedia content, manage friendships, create chat groups, and navigate platform-specific functionalities on Windows, Android, and iPhone devices. Click on one of the topics below to get starton on your journey to unlock the full potential of Ozeki Chat.

Lecture 2.1 - Basic tasks (Register, Login, Delete account)
Lecture 2.2 - Messaging (Send, Edit, Delete, Highlight, Quote)
Lecture 2.3 - File messages (Send, View, Download files)
Lecture 2.4 - Multimedia messages (Voice message, Video message)
Lecture 2.5 - Friendships (Add, Hide, Mute, Delete friend, Chat groups)
Lecture 2.6 - Groups (Create, Add participants, Manage)
Lecture 2.7 - Voice and Video calls and Screen sharing
Lecture 2.8 - Windows (Open app, Notifications, Files)
Lecture 2.9 - Android (Open app, Notifications, Share to)
Lecture 2.10 - iPhone (Open app, Notifications, Share to)