Next-generation team collaboration with AI productivity boost. This is the ultimate on-premises chat system.

Productive team collaboration

Ozeki Chat allows you to conduct smart and productive chats in your organization. Various productivity tools and features will make your colleagues more efficient when they communicate with you and each other. It is very easy to share files scattered between devices and to access data stored in central data sources, such as databases, files, and AI neural networks.

Secure private chat system

Security and privacy are very important for everybody. Ozeki chat encrypts files and chat messages before they are sent over the network, and the data is stored in an encrypted format on the chat server. Even the system administrators with administrative privileges on corporate servers are not able to access the data. By running your own chat system in your own LAN you can be safe!

Multi presence

Ozeki users are often logged into multiple devices at the same time. While working on Windows laptops or MacBooks, they use iPhones and Android phones to take pictures of documents to share them in the chat session. Tablets with on-screen pens are often used to annotate diagrams to give feedback. Input capabilities, such as voice typing, camera pictures, audio and video recordings on certain devices are also taken advantage of. This multi-device approach to work makes life more productive.

File sharing

OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and shared directories on file servers are not efficient for sharing documents. Browsing and copy-pasting take time, and these clients are often not installed on devices. In addition to this passwords and other authentication procedures limit efficiency. With Ozeki chat, it is much more efficient to send a file from one device to another or to a colleague. Ozeki chat handles very large files, such as videos and large archives, and makes viewing and downloading easy.


Ozeki Chat was designed to support focus. The contact list offers "favorite" stars and background colors to put dialogs of relevance to the top. Irrelevant chat groups and team members can be muted to limit distractions from work. The input area has large fonts and focus-oriented productivity features, such as "select text to reply". Quick reaction emojis: Yes, No, Ok, Done, Thanks, etc... allow the user to give answers to questions quickly, and to continue focusing on his work. In-dialog document and video previews save time.

OZEKI Chat Offers

On-premises chat system

Setup your own chat system and replace those online chat services that you have no control over. This system will give you the ability to take full control of your chat infrastructure. Your on-premises chat server will give you the ability to control which users are allowed to connect, you can manage your chat groups and the overall communication in your organization. Most importantly your communication will be safe and private as all data will be stored on your own computers in an encrypted way.

Text messages
File messages
Delivery reports
Availability info

Security of your dialogs is the most important business value Ozeki Chat will bring you. Your dialogs will be stored on your own server in an encrypted format. Even if somebody has administrative access to your server, he will not be able to read the conversations.

Even if somebody can listen to the network traffic between you and the server, they will still not be able to read the messages. Even inside the secure HTTPS tunnels, the messages are transmitted in an encrypted way.

Security and privacy

In Ozeki Chat, every conversation has its own unique encryption key. This key is shared only between the participants of the conversation. Messages of the conversation are stored on the server encrypted with this unique encryption key. When a user logs in, his messages are downloaded from the server in the encrypted format and are only deciphered in the client. This is why even if somebody has full admin access to the server, and can listen to the network traffic, they still cannot read the conversations.

Automatic cleanup

Automatic cleanup is also a key feature of Ozeki Chat. By default, every message is automatically deleted after 30 days from the server. (You can change this period to as many days as you like on a per-conversation basis.) This automatic cleanup adds a further layer of security and it is also useful in maintaining disk space, speed, and system resources. Your chat system will stay lean, fast, and efficient.

Installation options

If you wish to manage and administer your own Ozeki Chat Server system, you have the following installation options.

The Ozeki Chat server can be installed on:

  • Your physical server at your premises (Windows or Linux)
  • On a virtual server at your premises (VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox, Linux KVM, etc)
  • On a virtual private server (VPS) at a web hosting facility (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, etc.)

Technical support

If you don't want to spend time with installation and configuration, Ozeki Customer Support can take the task over. We can install the system on your chosen platform and we can configure it for you. Sign up for one of our technical support packages and request the Installation and Configuration service.

Ozeki hosting

If you don't want to manage your own servers, you can sign up for the Ozeki Chat Server hosting service for an extra fee. In the frames of this service, Ozeki will setup, maintain, and host the Ozeki Chat Server for you. We will setup a dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) at our hosting facility for you and we will make sure it is up and running 24/7. All you have to do is pay the monthly subscription fee, and everything regarding operation and maintenance will be taken care of by our technicians.


The best way to build a business is to rely on software instead of human work. Your automated software solutions will work precisely and reliably 24/7. Ozeki Chat Server provides various APIs to send chat messages automatically to your customers and employees. You can use the built-in HTTP Rest API, you can send chat messages from a database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL, or you can use other integration options.

One of the most common ways to do automated messaging is to use a database system. To send chat messages from your database, all you have to do is setup two database tables: one for sending chat messages and another for receiving chat messages. Ozeki Chat can pick up the chat messages to send using an SQL SELECT statement and insert the incoming chat messages using an SQL INSERT statement. More information about such a setup can be found in our SQL to Chat setup guide. Database server-specific configurations are listed below.

how to send SQL chat messages using a database

SQL to chat messages configurations:

Send Chat message from Microsoft SQL Server
Send Chat message from Microsoft Access
Send Chat message from Oracle
Send Chat message from MySQL
Send Chat message from PostgreSQL

More information

Feature list

Discover the outstanding features offered by this on-premises software for super chat. Learn about the functionalities of the chat communication systems. Find out how chat communication systems work and how to set them up.

System requirements

Find out the software and hardware requirements. In short, you need a Windows PC with an up-to-date processor and sufficient RAM.

Installation guide

how to setup ozeki on windows

How to install

Check out this step-by-step installation guide. It will show you how you can install this Ozeki product using the Ozeki app store.
how to set an admin password

Create admin password

This guide provides you details on creating an admin account password.
how to activate ozeki product

Product Activation

In this guide, you can learn about how to activate your Ozeki Chat product using the serial number you purchased.


User training

Starts with basic tasks, such as login/logout, managing the friend list, sending chat messages understanding the user interface, and providing information on how to be efficient and productive.

Administrator training

This technical training equips individuals with the necessary skills to effectively oversee the critical chat system functions and understand the operation of the Ozeki Chat. The following operational and configuration topics will be discussed: Installation, configuration, backup/restore, user management, network configuration, push notification services, resource management, and developer access management.

Developer training

How to send chat messages from a database server, how to use the HTTP API and other integration options, how to write code, and what are the best practices.
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