Lecture 4 - Developer training

Welcome to the Lecture 4 of the Ozeki Chat Training series. Lecture 4 was tailored exclusively for software developers seeking to harness the full potential of Ozeki Chat. Dive into an immersive exploration of Ozeki Chat's capabilities, starting with a comprehensive introduction to its architecture and functionality. Equip yourself with invaluable insights into leveraging Ozeki Chat's powerful API, enabling seamless integration with external systems and applications. Master the art of chat bot development, from creating interactive bots to crafting intelligent responses. Explore the limitless possibilities of chat integration, effortlessly connecting Ozeki Chat with SQL databases, email servers, and SMS gateways and other systems. Join us on this enriching journey as we empower software developers to innovate and excel with Ozeki Chat.


By reading the Introduction to Ozeki Chat development, developers and system integrators can gain insights into the architecture and functionality of Ozeki Chat, providing a solid foundation for building custom solutions and integrations.
Open: introduction to Ozeki Chat development and integration...

Chat Client API

Explore the comprehensive API documentation detailing the methods, endpoints, and parameters available for interacting with the Ozeki Chat server programmatically, enabling seamless integration with other systems and applications.
Open: Ozeki Chat Client api...

Chat Bot Development

See how easy it is to create custom chat bots within the Ozeki Chat ecosystem, including how to design bots, send messages, and craft intelligent replies to user inquiries, enhancing user engagement and automating tasks.
Open: Ozeki Chat Bot developer guide...

Chat Integration (SQL, E-mail, SMS)

Discover the versatility of Ozeki Chat through integration capabilities with various platforms such as SQL databases, email servers, and SMS gateways, facilitating seamless communication and data exchange across different channels and systems.
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