Effective and safe communication is key to reaching organization goals. If you have an easy-to-use chat software which you can induct into your company, you will have a well cooperating team of workers. The Ozeki Chat is a user-friendly chat software which you can use to send messages, pictures, files to you co-workers with end-to-end encryption. It is a lightweight software which will connect you with all the other members of the company. You can even send private messages with the encrypted message function too. It will only be readable for the partner who knows the password to the chat. These screenshots will provide you information about how to use the chat software and what functions we provide you.

logging in
Figure 1 - Logging into Ozeki Chat Server

open chat server
Figure 2 - You can reach Chat Server from the Start menu

create chat server
Figure 3 - Create chat server with the domain name you want

add user to the server
Figure 4 - Add users to the chat server

login to the selected chat server
Figure 5 - Type username, password and select the chat server

login to the client
Figure 6 - Log in using the Chat Client

add chat user from the same server
Figure 7 - Add chat users to your friendlist from the same server

conversation between two users
Figure 8 - Real time chat conversation between two users

the encrypted message
Figure 9 - Encrypted messages sent

encrypted message
Figure 10 - Encrypted messages without the password

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